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Kanyakumari Temples

Arulmigu Bhagavathyamman Temple

      Kanyakumari is in the southernmost point of India – called Cape Comerin during the pre-independence days. The reputation of this temple is widely known to all throughout India and the world. Though the temple is on the sea shore, the water in the well in the temple is sweet and not salty. Arulmigu Bhagavathyamman Temple is located at the confluence of three seas of India's South Corner. This temple was constructed before 3000 years by Parasuram and then renovated by one of the kings of Pandya Dynasty. It is believed that Goddess Bhagavathy stood here as a spinster and she killed the demon Banasuran on Vijayadasami, the last day of Navarathiri festival.

      Probably, Kanyakumari is the only place in the world where a confluence of three seas could be seen. This is the point where the Indian Ocean in the South, the Arabian Sea in the West and the Bay of Bengal in the east meet together. The nature’s beauty is in its full form here. During the full moon days, devotees and tourists can enjoy simultaneously the setting of the sun in the west and the rising of the moon in the east.

      People use to light lamps in the temple and offer new saris to the goddess besides usual abishek and archanas. People bathe in the sea and offer Tarpan to the departed ancestors for their salvation.

Temple Overview
Pooja Name
Pooja Time
Opening time  4.30 am
Abhishegam  5.00 am
Deeparathanai  6.00 am
Abhishegam 10.00 am
Deeparathanai 11.30 am
Closing time 12.30 pm
Pooja Name
Pooja Time
Opening time   4.00 pm
Sayaratchai Deeparathanai   6.30 pm
Sribali  8.15 pm
Yeganda Deeparathanai 8.25 pm
Closing time 8.30 pm

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